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Thursday, May 14, 2009
Entry #2 (Ernest) . @ 3:27 PM
Let's watch movie this hol's, anyone up for anything other than the Hannah Montana Movie? I'm watching that one myself (: . I was thinking 'Star Trek' maybe, if it's still on by then. Spockspockspock. And there's 'Monsters vs. Aliens' coming soon. If interested please suggest a suitable date and venue in the commenting sections.

Kthxbai. (:

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Monday, May 11, 2009
Entry #1 (Ernest) . @ 4:00 PM
Anyone who is interested in hosting gathering for our class, please comment. Tags will not be entertained. Tags are for members of the class to chat, while the commenting section is to respond to posts. Any violation of this rule will result in banning from tagging and the blog may or may not be lock for invited members only. Any unacceptable content tagged/commented will be deleted. Messages will be moderated and cleared after a month.

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